Saturday, January 5, 2008

Glen Loyd portrayed in the CBS-TV movie The Disappearance of Vonnie

In 1990, a Green Bay a woman asked Glen Loyd for help after her sister disappeared. After Glen helped her document that her brother-in-law had killed two men before marrying her sister, another reporter at WFRV-TV made invaluable contributions. Patrick Doris discovered that state parole officers had lost track of Ron Rickman after he was released from confinement.

"The detectives told me my reports played a key role in nailing Rickman," says Doris, now a reporter at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. "They generated news tips from people who never put two and two together until they saw stories on the air and then remembering some interaction with Richman, a comment about his wife, or asking them to hold on to a gun, for example."

Rickman was arrested for parole violations and made an incriminating admission to a fellow inmate. This led District Attorney John Zakowski to charge Rickman with first degree murder and then successfully prosecute him.

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